a few thoughts…

The meaning of life. Have we found it yet? Or are we all just an endless cycle of repeated versions of people gone before? The assumption that one should have to live, and should be expected to enjoy or even contribute to the world us, which is constantly being destroyed by the ones telling us to embrace the natural world. Even with such little experience in the world, I can understand that the endless cycle of cynicism and mindless brutality continues to usurp the world as we know it. Will it ever change? And if it won’t, then what is the point of continuing to exist in such a sanguinary society. It is like Martin Luther King once said: “We’ve learned to fly the air like birds, we’ve learned to swim the seas like fish and yet we haven’t learned to walk the Earth as brothers and sisters”.

Governments are more willing to spend millions and millions of their money on developed weapons of mass destruction in order to “protect us”. I see no protection in spending valuable money, which could be better spent on healthcare, and making sure that there is peace and prosperity among a nation, and that equality overpowers the biased class divide. The endless cycle of countries empowering themselves with weapons, and then others following suit out of fear, is what leads to this so called “protection” and hinders our progress as a civilisation.

While there is war, there will never be peace. And one may argue that there will always be war, so there can never be peace. And what kind of a world is that to live in? Instead of embracing the beauty and awe-striking wonder that it the natural world of Earth, which we are so lucky, and we should be stewards of these resources. Instead, day by day, they are getting destroyed. And because of who? Man. The most maleficent of any creature to ever walk this Earth. What was once a primitive beauty, has now become a use for destruction and malevolent intent. Have we learnt nothing from our ancestors that walked the Earth before us? The sad truth is that man will always demand and crave power, and value it more than the prosperity, and development and potential that we have as a civilisation as a whole.

People will always tell you that you only get one life so make the most of it. If making the most of it is to not even have the chance to contribute to our planet, and watch it get destroyed by egotistical, power driven, money motivated, madmen, then there truly is no incentive to contribute anything to this industrial business that the world has become. There is no incentive to get up in the morning. Even for an inexperienced youth, I can recognise that there will be no hope. There will be no happiness, and there definitely won’t be any peace and prosperity. An alternative solution is very much hard to establish. However, if everyone was to come together, and combine the talent and the adroitness that we all possess, then we would find that an alternative solution would be very much within the realms of possibility.

And so the meaning for what we live for will continue. But life is not for everyone. It should not be enforced on those who wish to exit the immoral and unethical world that we live in. A world so full of natural wonders, yet so devoid of it at the same time. Life isn’t for everyone.