Top 5 Batsmen in the world right now

International cricket currently has a plethora of incredibly talented batsmen at the helm right now, and these are the 5 batsman that as of September 2017, I believe to be the best across all formats.


5: Joe Root   Test Runs: 5323   Test Batting Average: 53.76     ICC Test Ranking: 2nd                                      ODI Runs: 3954    ODI Batting Average: 49.42    ICC ODI Ranking: 4th                                        T20I Runs: 743     T20I Batting Average: 39.10    ICC T20I Ranking: 8th


If Joe Root could convert his starts into bigger scores, he would probably be top of this list. He is a batsman that has the capability to bat in all conditions, demonstrating his ability in South Africa, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand and of course England. He is an incredibly fluent batsman, not only in limited overs, but also in Tests as well. Criticism has- and rightfully so, been directed at Root for batting himself at number 4 instead of at 3. Number 3 is a position where most of the best players have batted for their teams before- IVA Richards, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara, and most notably in today’s game with Steve Smith and Kane Williamson. If Root batted at 3 and was able to convert his 50’s into 100’s, he would be pretty damn unstoppable.


4: David Warner   Test Runs: 5705   Test Batting Average: 47.94    ICC Test Ranking: 5th

ODI Runs: 4217   ODI Batting Average: 44.86     ICC ODI Ranking: 2nd

T20I Runs: 1686   T20I Batting Average: 28.10    ICC T20I Ranking: 17th


One of the most destructive batsmen on the planet, Warner’s career really has been somewhat of a sensation. He was initially dismissed as a T20 specialist, and a slogger, but since then, has amassed 34 international hundreds-none of which were t20 hundreds, and has become the most feared opening batsman around. Warner played with another legendary opening batsman for the Delhi Daredevils franchise in the IPL in Virender Sehwag, and I believe the coaching and guidance he received from Viru has made him the player he is today in Tests. Last month, Warner silenced his critics about his away form, and smashed twin hundreds in Bangladesh in incredibly difficult conditions, and no doubt will be licking his lips about the prospect of facing England’s relatively medium paced trundlers when compared to the Aussie bowling line up in the Ashes.


3: Kane Williamson  Test Runs: 5116   Test Batting Average: 51.16   ICC Test Ranking: 3rd

ODI Runs: 4605    ODI Batting Average: 46.98   ICC ODI Ranking: 6th

T20I Runs: 1125   T20I Batting Average: 36.29  ICC T20I Ranking: 4th


In my opinion, the most aesthetically pleasing batsman to watch out there, and one of the most prolific currently going around. The only problem with being a huge Kane Williamson fan is the fact that New Zealand play so little cricket, that it is difficult for Williamson to keep up with the other big names alongside him in international cricket. However, such is the batsman and character that he is, that he does that, and many people still value him above everyone else, particularly in the longer form of the game. Williamson appears to be the best of the current “Big 4” in terms of captaincy, as he shows true knowledge and leadership on the field, and an understanding of the ins and outs of the game that not many others have. If New Zealand had a few more players to back him up, I think Williamson would have considerably more runs, and a higher average, but as it stands, he might have to retire early with an injured back from carrying the team for so long now.


2: Steve Smith   Test Runs: 5370   Test Batting Average: 59.66   ICC Test Ranking: 1st

ODI Runs: 3213   ODI Batting Average: 43.59   ICC ODI Ranking: 13th

T20I Runs: 431    T20I Batting Average: 21.55   ICC T20I Ranking: Unranked


It is often said too much, but it cannot be overlooked how incredible Steve Smith has become. He started off with the tag as the next Shane Warne, and as Australia’s next big spin hope. 7 years on, and he is well on his way to becoming one of the greatest Test batsmen of all time, and is scoring centuries and runs at an incredible rate. Smith’s One day stats can be taken with a pinch of salt, because of the fact that the majority of his innings in both formats came from the number 8 position. In fact, since 2014, Steve Smith has averaged 54 in ODI’s and continues to be prolific in that form of the game also. Smith has a great ability of turning his 50’s into 100’s and this will be a crucial factor when Australia meet England for the next Ashes series. If Smith continues at this pace, he is sure to break many batting records, and write himself as possibly Australia’s greatest since Sir Don himself.


1: Virat Kohli   Test Runs: 4658   Test Batting Average: 49.55    ICC Test Ranking: 6th

ODI Runs: 8728   ODI Batting Average: 55.24     ICC ODI Ranking: 1st

T20I Runs: 1830   T20I Batting Average: 53.82   ICC T20I Ranking: 1st



Unquestionably the best batsman in the world right now, Virat Kohli is dominating cricket in all forms. He boasts a very impressive Test record with a remarkable conversion rate of 17 hundreds and 14 fifties, and which included 3 double hundreds in Tests last year. In One Day Internationals, Kohli is making a serious case to be considered as the greatest of all time. For me, he is only rivalled by Viv Richards, and by AB de Villiers. Kohli is a freak of nature with the bat, like those two were-(AB still is!), and has done things for his nation that has seen him held in a god like status with the Indians, reminiscent of Sachin Tendulkar. Over the last couple of years, Kohli has really perfected his game, combining incredible batting skill with incredible fitness levels, that see him break records seemingly every time he walks out to bat.


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  1. julianrawcliffe · September 29, 2017

    It doesn’t look good for England during the upcoming tour in Australia facing such quality performers.

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